Slim Metal Desktop Holder - Style Phase Home
Slim Metal Desktop Holder - Style Phase Home
Slim Metal Desktop Holder - Style Phase Home
Slim Metal Desktop Holder - Style Phase Home
Slim Metal Desktop Holder - Style Phase Home
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Slim Metal Desktop Holder

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    Think about it, our daily activities, our lifestyle etc. has become one where our cell phone has become our basic necessity. Without it we are lost! Urban Lifestyle Trends have introduced the Revolutionary Telescopic Folding and Adjustable Stand to make your day so much simpler and more efficient.

    ? Have we not always thought of that handsfree moment so we could enjoy a video, movie, a game or that all important soccer or cricket match and at the same time sipping that ice cold beer or cooldrink or having a snack and just having the time of your life? This is now your reality! This amazing product is brilliantly designed to hold your cell phone and iPad and giving you that ultimate handsfree moment.

    ? Foldable Desktop Phone Holder for Tablet, iPad and Cell Phone
    ? Material: Aluminium Alloy, ABS and Silicone
    ? Telescopic Height: Reach Up to 150mm
    ? Adjustable Angle: 0°- 90°
    ? Telescopic Adjustment Design
    ? Anti-Slip & Anti-Scratch Design – Silicone pads used.
    ? Base is 11.8cm x 7.5cm
    ? Once the telescopic action is activated the stand extends to 13cm height
    ? Equipped with a heavier base and an aluminium alloy rod that creates a lower centre gravity point, that provides stability that is sufficient to carry your phone or your iPad.
    ? Fully covered top silicone pads and metal weighted anti-slip base, protects your devices from scratches and sliding.

    ? The ergonomic design of the stand allows you to adjust the viewing angle and height to meet your comfort need. It may help to fix your posture and reduce neck and back strain.

    ? An Advanced Design Technique of the Highest Quality.

    ? Simple application. Your life has just become so much less stressful.

    ? This mini, exclusive item removes that unwanted obstacle that makes multitasking a frustrating experience. You can now relax in comfort as you work on your laptop, iPad, PC and simultaneously interact with your cell phone in complete view as it is perfectly placed on the stand for your convenience.

    ? The difficulty of managing your cell phone during any situation, either at the office table, in a meeting or at your favourite coffee shop or restaurant is a thing of the past. The ease of just popping out the Folding Stand wherever you are and having that safe spot to place your phone on is just one of the awesome benefits available to you. When folded, it is small, compact, and convenient to carry in a handbag or slip into your pocket.

    ? This Trendy, Smart and Unique cell phone stand is foldable and easy to carry with you wherever you go. It is just so convenient and the perfect travelling companion. It is portable and this makes it even more beneficial and efficient.

    What's in the box
     1 X Telescopic Folding Desktop Cell Phone Stand